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“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” ~ Tom Clancy, American novelist

What type of books do you like to read?

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  1.   japer Says:

    Reality can be something that you have done or an adventure or something in this world.Fiction if i am right could be a fairytail or something out of this world.

  2.   prpar Says:

    I like diffrent kinds of books fiction or reality

  3.   joore Says:

    I like to read fiction books.

  4.   azoat Says:

    I like to read some fiction, and some non-fiction. I like to read non-fiction because some books that are non-fiction tell you about history, and some tell you about some novelest, book arthors, and if you have to do research on them and you don’t have a computer you can always go to a library and check a book out on whoever you need research on, and if they don’t have a book about them you can always go to the library and go on the computers they have there and do research on whoever you need to reasearch.I like fiction books because they are fun, adventurous, mysterious, and lots of other things.I like fiction books because whenever I read fiction books I can imagine myself in the place that the story is located in. I also like fiction books because sometimes I imagine myself being a character in the story and going on all the adventures, and mysteries that they go on. I also like fiction books because the titles are mysterious, adventurous, crazy, and they make you think about what the strory or book is going to be about.I also like to read realistic fiction. I like to read realistic fiction books because they have a hint of fiction and a hint of non-fiction which is also adventurous,mysterious and makes you think hmm… maybe I want to grow up to be just like this character or hmm… I want to grow up and write realistic fiction, non-fiction, or even become an author and come up with a new type of fiction.

  5.   anmai Says:

    I like to read fiction books because non-fiction book are boring. Made up stories are way more creative to me. Asking if you like fiction or nonfiction is like asking if you like ice-cream or peas.

  6.   anmai Says:

    All the places i put non-fiction i ment to say reality by the way.

  7.   jegar Says:

    I like books that are fiction. I like them because they are exiting and awsome. The books are adventurous.

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