Tuesday’s Fun Fact

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Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world. What is your favorite spicy food?

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  1.   azoat Says:

    Some of my favorite spices are paprika, and season salt. I like season salt because the smell is nice and I like the taste that it gives flavor to food. I also like paprika because I also like the smell of it and it also gives flavor, and spice to food. I like spicy food.

  2.   kenug Says:

    My favirite spicy food is ether takis or spicy orange chicken. U wonder if I can try new spicy food. As log as it is good.

  3.   bigir Says:

    My favorite spicy food is spicy orang chicken. I like it because ittastes so good and has a really good taste.

  4.   brher Says:

    I don’t like any spices. I only like to eat the hot cheetos spice. So that is my favorite spice.

  5.   jegar Says:

    My faboret spicy food is Takies. I also like a sause named Tapatio.

  6.   lemca Says:

    I think that my moms spicy hot sauce on chicken is spicy.

  7.   xosan Says:

    Hot cheetos is the hottest for me. I can’t eat anything hotter. I can’t eat anything hotter because my mouth hurts and I sometimes feels num.

  8.   japer Says:

    I don’t really have one. I dont really like it that much because it makes my stomach hurt. That is my answer

  9.   tebut Says:

    I like spicy orange chicken I is really good. I could eat it all the time. If I could i would.

  10.   kewad Says:

    My favorite hot thng is tikes and hotchiros to.

  11.   gumor Says:

    My favorite spicy food is Encheladas. I like them because they alwas have a zing and are just simply delicious. That is my favorite spicy food.

  12.   almar624 Says:

    My favorite spicy food is spicy chicken because I like to get spiced.

  13.   jebar Says:

    My favorite meal that is spicy is a bean burrito with a jalepenio. Hot cheetos with a turkey sandwich. My last one is just a jalepenio.

  14.   prpar Says:

    Orange chicken is my favorite spicy food. Also jalepeneo are my favorite spicy food. Laoighis is also good to.

  15.   devan713 Says:

    My favorite spicy food are talkies and hot chetos. If I hated them then I would be out of my mind. It’s a good thing I like them because other peoplem bring them.

  16.   pehuy Says:

    I think that chili or hot sauce because it is really spicy. I think it is the best because I like spicy stuff. I like the it because it has lots of flavor.

  17.   tasto Says:

    I like Hot Cheetos but nothing else. There are other ones that I know of though, Takis, hot sauce, tapitio, and some kind of sauce my grandma put on our chicken wings.

  18.   anmai Says:

    My favorite spicy food is hot cheetos. One of my other favorite spicy food is spicy buffalo wings! They taste so good! My least favorite spicy food is Takis it’s like stale hot cheats. Yuck!

  19.   joore Says:

    My favorite type of spicy food is “Hot Cheetos” because they are spicy, and whatever is spicy I believe is delicous. So as long they don’t stop making “Hot Cheetos” everyone elses’ favorite food would probably keep being “Hot Cheetos” as so would mine. This is my favorite spicy food I like and enjoy eating very much, so I bet the company’s “Hot Cheetos” will never get discontinued if people like continue buying this type of junk food.

  20.   jocha625 Says:

    My favorite spicy food is molé because I think it goes good with rice and chicken.

  21.   shfer Says:

    My favorite spicy food is takis. It is my favorite food because the taste is so good that every time I eat them I always forget to do something. When I got takis I in feel like heaven every time I eat them.

  22.   shfer Says:

    I like to read sad stories because in the end something good always happen. I read so many sad books about that always pause everytime I reach a sad part. Then the next day I will continue to read.

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