Wednesday’s Fun Fact

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Serving ice cream on cherry pie was once illegal in Kansas.

What is the silliest rule you have had to follow? What purpose do you think the rule served?

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  1.   brher Says:

    I havent had a silly rule in my whole life. On a book they had to tie there hands behind there backs if they got to lunch late. The rules are so that people behave good.

  2.   jegar Says:

    The dumist rul I had to fallow I had to run in the class in a place in the YMCA. The rule was reduculuse.

  3.   japer Says:

    The rule that I could not go into my house with shoes on.

  4.   kenug Says:

    The simpilst rule I had to follow is folding my clothes but one time I did not and my mom said I was grounded for a very long time.

  5.   prpar Says:

    I have to go to sleep at 7:00. And I haveto wake up at five. I have to eat all my food.

  6.   jebar Says:

    I had to wake up at 2:00 in the morning to go to Fresno for a wrestling tournament. I had to go to bed at 8:00 for school for an test.

  7.   tasto Says:

    The silliest rule I ever had to follow was no touching the pole in tether ball.

  8.   devan713 Says:

    The silliest rule is no talking to me. The reason why is because we were telling a rule and he just said no talking to Dezi. That was the silliest rule that I ever herd of.

  9.   gumor Says:

    The silliest thing was when I had to wake up at four o’clock. I think I had to wake up at that time because we would be behind schedule. That is one of the silliest rules I had to follow.

  10.   joore Says:

    The silliest rule have had to follow was to not be able to touch the pole in tether ball, and to also not be able to hold the ball. It’s ridiculous.

  11.   almar624 Says:

    I had to not go to the bathroom. The reason was because it was getting cleaned. It’s silly.

  12.   bigir Says:

    No drinking In the theater.

  13.   shfer Says:

    I think the silliest rule would be for me the only time to go on the computer is for 30 seconds

  14.   anmai Says:

    I think the silliest rule i ever heard is No buying your own food for the movie theater, its also kind of dumb because they just want you to spend all your money on their expensive candy.

  15.   japer Says:

    Well I think that some rules are really just plain dumb and really silly. I am refering to like house rules liike no putting feet on furniture or like no eating in the livingroom.It is just a way that humans react to things but sometimes they can make really wierd rules but I think that way because I am just a kid but when I grow up mabey i’ll say the same silly rules. So just how I say it is just the way we the humans were mant to be. So i dont think that anyone has created a kina smart rule that everyone in this world would agree on. That is what I say but some people may disagree with me but that is there opinion. That is all i have to say for right now.

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