Monday’s Proverb

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The third time’s a charm.

Do you usually keep trying until you get something right? Why or why not?

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  1.   bigir Says:

    No I don’t give up I keep trying till I get it right. The reason why is because I don’t like to give up on everything. I trying to work on it to get my brain working.

  2.   japer Says:

    Yes because I think that if you try you can really accomplish something. My mom always tells me to never give up. I never say I can’t.

  3.   lemca Says:

    No because I know the difference from a toddler and an older kid.

  4.   pehuy Says:

    Yes I keep trying because I want to get the job done. The second reason is because I don’t want to give up unless I try. I try until I get it done and never give up.

  5.   devan713 Says:

    Yes I do because I want some thing right because I usually mess every thing up. But if I do it then I mainly don’t mess up. If I keep at it them every time I would do it.

  6.   shavo Says:

    I would keep on trying because it I wouldnt know what would not know what to do.

  7.   tasto Says:

    I usually keep trying, unless it takes so many tries I’m tired and sick of it. I keep trying because it’s never good to give up. If you always give up you become a failure and will never succeed.

  8.   altra Says:

    Yes I did once and I am still doing it. I keep trying to get my super gator.

  9.   brher Says:

    Yes because then I feel like if I did do something right. Only that sometimes its like if you were cheating. I think it is better because you learn more after the first time.

  10.   kenug Says:

    Yes, I always try even though I can not do it.

  11.   jegar Says:

    Ofcours I ceep on triyind because I want to get a good score. Plus I want to do a good job.

  12.   kewad Says:

    Yes I will chriy and chriy in till I get I won’t to be smart like evry one ols.

  13.   almar624 Says:

    I would keep on trying because I never give up. If I lose at something, I will not cry, I won’t give up my dreams, or cry.

  14.   gumor Says:

    Nope, whenever I fail at about seven to eight times I stop and try again tomorrow.

  15.   tebut Says:

    Yes I do sometimes. And sometimes I don’t. I do like to and some times I don’t because it some times hard.

  16.   joore Says:

    Yes, I would keep trying until I were to get something right. I would keep trying so I would be able to prove a point. That is just the way I am I don’t give up until I get something right.

  17.   duraz Says:

    I think that you should keep try until I get it. Other people do not like to try. You should keep trying intill you get it because you can get it right.

  18.   japer Says:

    no i never give up

  19.   azoat Says:

    I keep on trying but if I try more than 10 times, sometimes more i’ll stop because it tires me out, then I wouldn’t have anymore energy left to do anything else. So I wouldn’t keep trying after 10 times. I mean why waist your time if you can’t get it right after at least 10 times. That’s my opinion, but other people have different opinions about it.

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