Tuesday’s Fun Fact

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The words, “mom” and “dad” and the phrases “race car” and “never odd or even” are palindromes. They read the same forward as they do backward.

Can you think of any other palindromes?

28 Responses to “Tuesday’s Fun Fact”

  1.   lemca Says:

    The name bob.

  2.   bigir Says:

    I think Those are really cool because they make you think in a fun way. That is why I like that but I can’t think of one to tell you.

  3.   brher Says:

    The word did is the same back wards.

  4.   bapac Says:

    I’m not sure if I’m right but I think “yes or no”.

  5.   jocay Says:

    First is bob second is Sis.

  6.   jebar Says:

    The name Anna reads the same forwards and backwards. Also Bob reads the same forward and backward. Last the word poop reads the same.

  7.   bapac Says:

    I just thought of one keke.

  8.   jegar Says:

    It was hard but I can. I can put Poland it is the same.

  9.   devan713 Says:

    First it’s bob. Next it’s pop. Then it’s dad. Fanally it’s mom.

  10.   prpar Says:

    first it’s bob next it’s papa

  11.   tasto Says:

    These are the one I came up with Hannah, bib, level, solos, and stats.

  12.   tasto Says:

    I just thought of another one right now, no lemon no melon

  13.   tebut Says:

    Well there is one that can think of. And it is bob and that is the only one that I can think of. And just like mom or dad it’s like a way that is cool.

  14.   gumor Says:

    These are my only three ideas,
    1 poop
    2 pop
    3 did
    Those are mine.

  15.   mewal Says:

    I know one! BOB!!!

  16.   japer Says:

    i think that the name Gigi and bob ,anna pop mom dad

  17.   anmai Says:

    Don’t nod
    Never odd or even
    Too bad – I hid a boot
    Rats live on no evil star
    No trace; not one carton
    Was it Eliot’s toilet I saw?
    Go hang a salami; I’m a lasagna hog!
    A Toyota! Race fast… safe car: a Toyota
    Some men interpret nine memos
    Go deliver a dare, vile dog!
    Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo
    Do geese see God?
    God saw I was dog
    Dennis sinned
    These are some i thought of (more like googled!)

  18.   azoat Says:

    some of the ones I could think of are, did, stats, able was i saw elba, acrobats stab orca, aerate pet area, ah santa sees natasha, aibophobia, air an aria, al lets della call ed stella, amen icy cinema, a more roma, amy must I jujitsu my ma, avida diva,a but tuba, a car, a man, a maraca, a dog, a plan, a canal: pagoda, a lad named E. Mandala, a man, a plan, a cat, a cat, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canal- panama, a santa at nasa, a nut for a jar of tuna, anna, hanah, hannah, elle, eve, zerimar ramirez, sis, pop, bob, wow, gag, gig, toot, level, civic, mam, radar, rotator, mum, refer, bib, madam that’s all I could think of but that’s enough anyway.

  19.   shfer Says:

    I only thought of this

    Zerimor Ramirez

  20.   manval Says:



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