Wednesday’s Fun Fact

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A hummingbird weighs less than a nickel.

How many other things can you think of that weigh less than a nickel?

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  1.   jocay Says:

    First is a pencil because a pencil is so light. Second is a rubber band. And third is a paper because it is so thin

  2.   brher Says:

    I now what weigh less than a nickel and that is pice of paper. Also a broken pencil led,and a pencil shaving. Those are the things I think weigh less than a nickel.

  3.   kenug Says:

    I think a penny weight less than a nickel. Or a red robin. Maybe a pencil wheight less than a nickel

  4.   pehuy Says:

    I can think that lots of stuff are weigh less then a nickle. Like ants, paper, paper clip, rice, and a pencil. I think there are more stuff that weigh less than a nickel.

  5.   xosan Says:

    A paper weighs less then a nickel. I also think a wood chip is less then a nickel. Especialy jump food like a piece of chip or popcorn.

  6.   jegar Says:

    I think that a penny ,a paper ,a ant ,sand ,a drop of pant ,and last tape. That is what I think. Do you think the same as me ?

  7.   tebut Says:

    Well there is a feather, hair,paper, dollar , pencil and a penny

  8.   jebar Says:

    Something that weighs less that a nickel is a piece of rice. Also a hundred dollar bill. Last a papper clip weighs less that a nickel.

  9.   jaram Says:

    Maybe a ladybug because it’s so light you can’t even feel it.

  10.   bapac Says:

    I think a woodchip, piece of hair, earrings, shoe strings, and a erasers. Thoose are just the ones that come to the top of my mind, but I know there are many many more.

  11.   jocha625 Says:

    A pin, lint, & a pencil shaving.

  12.   mewal Says:

    Let’s see.. Hmm a flea (laugh out loud) because also what else weighs less than a pickle and a flea, is a bacteria.

  13.   tasto Says:

    There are only a couple things I can think of. There are feathers, pennies, dimes, and flower pedals.

  14.   japer Says:

    I think that a rice grain is less than a nickle.Also a bean and a water bottle cap.That is what I thnk is like or less than a nickle.

  15.   joore Says:

    Things that possibly weigh less than a nickel are:

    3.Lady Bug
    4.Mechanical Pencil Led
    5.Pencil Shavings

    Those are the only things I can think of that can possibly weigh less than a nickel.

  16.   gumor Says:

    My top ten choices are: 1.paper
    2.plastic bag
    3.napkin lego
    5.a staple
    Those are my top 5 choices that are lighter than a nickel.

  17.   jebar Says:

    When Peterson got hit in the face with a soccer ball. I was laughing so hard. Then I told Peterson that I was sorry and he said it was ok.

  18.   anmai Says:

    i accidenlt pressed send twice. sorry! :(

  19.   anmai Says:

    Here are some things lighter than a nickel:
    1.a feather m&m taste bud
    4.a flower chickpea
    6.a grain of rice piece of rice
    8.1 pea
    9.a leaf cocoa puff cove
    12.a piece of sale
    If your wondering why most of these things are food it because i was eating and thinking.

  20.   anmai Says:

    12. a piece of *salt
    7.1 piece of cinnamion

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